• Karlův mostPetr Šmerák
  • TilancieLucie Krejčová
  • Norsko, LofotyJakub Douša
  • Barevné maličkostiAlena Sekeráková
  • Klášter nad LehemJan Miklín
  • A dál už jen přes voduBarbora Nykodýmová
  • Cesta životomLukáš Ondroušek
  • Barevné aranžmáJana Bilková
  • Berlínská zeď - I love...Aneta Chvátalová
  • GardAneta Coufalová
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Photo Competition

Every year the Centre for International Cooperation in Education announces a photo competition for amateur photographers of all ages. A different theme is chosen each year, on which contestants submit their photos from study trips abroad, trips, holidays or everyday life. The aim of the selected themes is primarily to provide contestants with plenty of room for imagination when dealing with the subject. In 2014 167 photographs were entered. In previous years the Centre for International Cooperation in Education has announced photo competitions on the following topics:

The jury, consisting of representatives of the organisation and also external judges working in the world of graphics and photography, always select the 13 most interesting images, which are used to create a wall calendar for the following year. The whole event traditionally concludes with a private viewing, where prizes are awarded to the winning contestants, subsequently followed by a public exhibition of the winning photographs.

Links to the winning pictures for the individual years can be found on the right-hand menu.